Droga5 New York shows how ‘Junk Sleep’ can ruin your life

Sleep has been hard in the hot weather, and in our “always on” culture, most of us don’t help ourselves by overworking and spending too much time on screens.

This campaign by Droga5 New York makes a very good case for the need to “Unjunk your sleep,” with some vivid late night representations of just what our bad habits are doing to us. It’s for US retail chain Mattress Firm.

There are four more films, each taking a humorous look at a different way in which bad sleep — and bad mattresses — impact our lives, all resolved by advice from the in-store sleep experts on choosing the right mattress.

Droga5 ECD Tara Lawall said, “The Junk Sleep platform gives us an endless amount of insights to draw from, stories to tell, and rich worlds of depravity to create. This latest round of work lets us do it all. We are lucky enough to work with the brave clients with great taste that see the value in taking big swings by building epic, cinematic worlds and telling stories with dry humour and clever, unexpected twists.”

MAA creative scale: 8.5

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