VCCP London ECDs Jonny Parker and Chris Birch: our Top Tips for Cannes

Parker, Birch

Tough this, predicting Cannes winners. Where do you start? There’s loads of good stuff.

My top three all deserve to do very well. They are all tackling issues that needed to be tackled. But they all do them in a different and ballsy fashion. One is simply audacious beyond belief. One is truly inspirational. One is just cheeky as hell.

The Lost Classroom Leo Burnett Chicago

Genius. Flawless. Wow.

We live in an age of bulletproof kids backpacks, armed police in schools, teachers with guns. It seems that no matter how many tragedies occur across America the NRA are just not interested. It’s maddening. So to use the most powerful and politically influential voice of the gun lobbyists against themselves is just a masterstroke. I love the audacity of this idea. The bravery. The bare-faced cheek.

Will this creatively and emotionally supercharged idea make any change?

Let’s hope so.

Kiyan Prince Foundation Engine Creative

Another tragic story. Another ray of light.  This audacious idea shines bright and hopes to end the needless violence against young people.

This was a real labour of love that took years to come to fruition. Talk about getting stars to align. I’ve heard that this idea was on then off then on then off multiple times as marketing teams changed around the globe. But here it is. It survived. And it’s brilliant. Watch the case study. You’ll see why this must be a winner. It’s way better than me trying to explain it.

Bombay Sapphire AMV BBDO

Lockdown. Remember that? How could you not? Beyond it being a major humanitarian disaster, it was a disaster for the creative industries. Productions cancelled, galleries closed, creative livelihoods taken away.

This cheeky collab between the Design Museum and Bombay Sapphire used the positive force of creativity to find a magnificent loophole in the UK law to enable the museum to remain open to visitors. They sold essential grocery items packaged in work from young artists. How beautifully simple is that? As the director of the museum said, “art and design are not luxuries they are essential to us as human beings.” I’m sure you can all agree with that.

All three of these blow my tiny mind. I can only imagine the eureka moment when these ideas were born. They all have a bit of ‘f’ you’ in them. So jealous. But it doesn’t matter what I think. I’m not on the jury.

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