Italian ice cream brand laps up a ‘Gruvi Caind of Lov’

Lots of serious stuff around at the moment, even among the lotus eaters returning from Cannes.

So let’s vary the formula and hot foot it down the coast a bit to Italia with a new campaign from agency Auge for ice cream brand Sammontana and some mis-spelt food porn, a ‘Gruvi Caind of Lov.’

Auge ECD and partner Federica Ariagno says: “We have been working with Sammontana, a brand with totally Italian roots, for several years. Gruvi is an ice cream that has major international competitors but, unlike them, wants to establish itself as a eulogy to imperfection. An imperfection that comes from the ice cream itself and becomes a way of enjoying it.”

Se lo dici tu, Federica.

Fun anyway. MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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