Dentsu folds creative agencies into new Dentsu Creative

Some quite famous creative brands are falling by the wayside these days and now Dentsu International is folding DentsuMB (formerly dentsumcgarrybowen), 360i and Isobar into new entity Dentsu Creative.

Dentsu Creative CCO Fred Levron says: “If you had the chance to build a brand new global creative network designed for the modern world, what would it look like? That is what we are answering with the launch of Dentsu Creative.

“Clients, talent and the industry at large are craving for a change in the way we build brands, in the way we collaborate and in the role we give to creativity. If the current players have set the rules of the previous century, we have the ambition to set the rules for the decades to come.”

CEO Wendy Clark, who joined Dentsu International from DDB, says: “At dentsu, we’re building a modern agency network fuelled by horizontal creativity – a creativity designed to unify our people, their capabilities and our delivery for clients…Dentsu Creative offers a simplified, modern creative proposition that answers clients’ needs for us to break down agency silos and inefficiencies and seamlessly connect our talent around the right client opportunities at the right time.”

Well it might but the key question is: are they any good at it? Breaking down silos and all the rest of it might just mean a leaner organisation.

Under Clark the former Dentsu MB has shown some encouraging signs of life while one was never quite sure what Isobar and 360i did, having a big media dimension. Can the two be combined?

It’s a challenge for Clark and Levron, who joined from FCB. Creativity is set to figure highly on all the holding company agendas at Cannes (not unreasonably, it’s what it’s supposed to be about.) It will be interesting to see who walks the walk.


Here’s a new pic of Wendy and Fred. Love the shoes.

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