Burger King’s Proud Whopper fails on technicalities

This ad from Burger King Austria celebrating LGBTQ+ community Pride misfired somewhat, with some tweeters surmising it was a play on the ins and outs of gay sex (two tops, two bottoms – you have to look carefully.)

Agency Jung von Matt Donau, has apologised: “We at Jung von Matt Donau are proud of our queer community within our agency. Unfortunately, we still messed up and didn’t check well enough with community members on different interpretations of the ‘Pride Whopper.’ That’s on us.”

Seems you did. Here’s one objector.

In a further post Caitlin describes it as a “glorious miscommunication,” which about sums it up although it’s hardly the end of the world.

Twitter with Elon Musk running it should be a gas, if he goes ahead with his bid. The next big job in agencies could be chief make-sure-we-don’t-offend-anyone officer – CMSWDOAO for short.

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