Bud Light in agency search for past glories

Say what you like about Bud Light – and our friend Adscammer George Parker often does – but its a mega-brand and hence a feather in the cap for the agency.

Wieden+Kennedy has worked on the US account since 2015 (a pretty good innings) but isn’t participating in the current creative agency review with Anomaly, Johannes Leonardo, Gut, WPP’s Cavalry and the Martin Agency lining up according to Ad Age’s report. Other agencies may be added it seems. Anomaly, owned by Stagwell, might be the favourite as it handles Budweiser.

Owner AB InBev is a big advertiser, around $1.5bn in the US in what’s becoming an increasingly crowded market with seltzers and even lower or no alcohol beers now in the frame.

W+K took a typically left field approach to Bud Light, producing some funny (if slightly strained) ads – ‘dilly dilly.’

Which may be what you do when there isn’t much to say about the product except that it’s popular.

Back in 1999 DDB produced ‘Wassup’ for Budweiser, which remains an iconic US commercial. More likely to inspire the new agency than ‘dilly dilly’ one feels.

The new agency will presumably debut at the Super Bowl.

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