Brands wave the UK’s Jubilee bunting (sort of)

In the UK we’re embarked on a week of forelock tugging and other signs of devotion to the Queen as she celebrates 70 years on the throne during her Platinum Jubilee. Or so the Palace hopes. Although HRH’s dysfunctional extended family have provided the Palace flunkies with more than their fair share of moments during the period.

Brands usually try to do their bit during such occasions and here are a couple.

First BMB for charity Breast Cancer Now with a play on ma’am (the tone of address for HRH. She speaks first, usually “Have you come far?’) and mammogram (breast screening x-ray.)


Then BBH, currently having fun for Ribena with its ‘Chin Up’ campaign featuring life’s little disappointments.This time it’s Megan and Harry lookalikes, performing at Tower Bridge as compensation for being banned from the Buck House balcony as they’re part-time royals these days and a general pain in the arse (even by royal family standards.)

Here’s the old top team, now somewhat depleted.

If this all sounds disturbingly disloyal to some, the royals do have their uses. HRH is head of state of course. One day Prince Charles (King Charles) will be. Hmm.

But if the Queen wasn’t then PM Boris Johnson presumably would be. There’s a Trump-like bullet we should be glad to swerve.

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