BBH enters the flaming lists for Burger King

Burger King has been one of the most noteworthy advertisers of recent years, a series of campaigns by David Miami and its offshoots relentlessly winding up McDonald’s (although McD seems to sail serenely on, the odd errant CEO notwithstanding.)

David has lost the US account to indie O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul (OKRP.) BBH is on the case in the UK with two new ads – ‘Whopper to a Flame’ – showing an errant whopper causing mayhem by searching out flames. Even burning jumpers.

Burger King UK’s Soco Nunez says: “This latest creative celebrates one of the Whopper’s most distinctive attributes – flame-grilling, in a unique way. Without the flame, there is no Whopper and we love how the team at BBH have brought this to life in a bold and unexpected way.”

Certainly that. Looks like another of those campaigns bedevilled by a media plan that says short is best when you have TV inflation. Yes, but….

MAA creative scale: 6.

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