ODD finds fun in ‘body positivity’ for Simply Be

Next 15 fashion agency ODD is the new home for Engine Creative (formerly WCRS, which has had a multitude of homes) and here’s ODD’s new effort for online retailer Simply Be, trying to reposition itself from a plus size brand to a credible destination for women of all shapes and sizes.

So ODD has rounded up four fashion influencers for a new campaign, ‘F*** it and FIT.’

Creative director Turhan Osman says: “So many brands have dipped their toe into the world of body positivity and it’s almost become a hygiene marketing tool but is so rarely backed up by action and product. We wanted to create a campaign that doesn’t just focus on celebrating women’s bodies but goes beyond that and focuses on the real issue, that most clothes don’t work for all women’s bodies…with (as many) genuine voices as possible, from the predominantly female creative team, director, photographer all the way through to the cast.”

That’s all the boxes ticked then. But unlike many such efforts it’s lively and fun.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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