New Commercial Arts caps good week with Nando’s

It’s been a pretty good week for New Commercial Arts – signing up Judi Dench for MoneySuperMarket and debuting for Alzheimer’s Society – and now it’s won chicken chain Nando’s.

Nando’s has flitted around various ad agencies for not very long in recent years, sticking with PR agency Pretty Green for its marketing help for 13 years. But now NCA has become its lead marketing agency, presumably helped by its customer experience emphasis (CX.) Which suggests an NCA PR offering might be in the offing too.

Nando’s head of brand Hannah Smith says: “With a renewed focus on customers, we’ve been looking for a partner to support the total Nando’s brand experience ensuring we delight customers at every opportunity, in exciting new ways. NCA have shown they definitely fit that bill throughout the pitch process and we can’t wait to bring them fully on board.”

James Murphy, founder and CEO, New Commercial Arts added: “Nando’s are passionate about their customer experience and telling their unique brand story. They also have a restless creative energy. That makes them a perfect partner for NCA.”

Tough on Pretty Green, which is now off the Nando’s roster. Suspect there are more NCA wins in the pipeline to join MoneySuperMarket, Halifax, Vodafone, Alzheimer’s, Habitat and the World Out of Home Organization.

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