BBH debuts for Wild with dirty talking polar bear epic

You don’t come across many of these these days – three minutes of ‘Dirty Talk’ from BBH for sustainable deodorant brand Wild featuring a frisky (stuffed) polar bear and its date, a confused but eco-conscious young woman. Forgivable in the circumstances.

Their relationship is explored in some detail.

Wild co-founder and CMO Charlie Bowes-Lyon says: “In a world where there’s plenty to sweat about, Wild hopes to make life a little easier by providing sustainable, highly effective bathroom products that look good and smell good. We’ve already disrupted our category in terms of our product, our service and our mission, and now thanks to our partnership with BBH, we’re disrupting the cookie-cutter advertising that typically goes with it.”

BBH creative director Adam Newby says: “Our ‘Dirty Talk’ campaign for Wild comes from the truth that we are all trying our best right now in a world that seriously stinks. None of us are perfect – we have all forgotten our tote bag – and that’s OK. We took this very relatable idea and pushed it to its logical conclusion: a kink positive polar bear, some inter-species pollution play and one of those old TV’s from the last day of school.”

Brave. Pleasingly bonkers or just bonkers?

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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