Has Piers Morgan the staying power to make Talk TV a success?

It takes quite a lot to make us warm to Donald Trump (actually warm is a bit strong) but here he is on the first Piers Morgan Uncensored segment of Rupert Murdoch’s new Talk TV, trying to get a word in edgeways with the voluble presenter. An excerpt, presumably, cherry-picked by Morgan.

Trump is talking about the US election, still maintaining it was rigged and the riot on Capitol Hill had nothing to do with him.

Maybe it was first night nerves on Morgan’s part. He goes on to make some good points about what he calls the Hunter Biden laptop scandal where the then vice-president’s son was accused of peddling influence to Ukraine (funny how that keeps cropping up.)

Will Talk TV thrive where, for example, GB News has not although it’s still with us?

It can’t just be the Piers Morgan show. The Murdoch empire also now has the newish Times Radio in its locker and Talk TV is going to have the same problem: same presenters. Times Radio tries hard but it’s same old, same old. The BBC, for all its faults, has a wide range of presenters including hacks from various papers brought in to do politics and current affairs.

Morgan is also going to run out of people to quiz unless the Government all of a sudden becomes more media-friendly. But can you imagine Boris Johnson submitting himself to Morgan?

BTW. There was an enlightening piece on Sunday by former GQ editor Dylan Jones about his experience of Johnson as GQ’s motoring correspondent. In one column Johnson famously observed that if you drove a BMW M3 your girlfriend would have bigger breasts.

Johnson, according to Jones, accumulated thousands of pounds’ worth of parking tickets and, at other times, didn’t seem to have driven the car at all. You get what you pays for…

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