VCCP wins Virgin Media 02 shootout with adam&eveDDB

VCCP has come out on top in the shootout for the combined Virgin Media 02 creative account, one of the UK’s biggest.

VCCP, which fairly recently revealed its ‘Bubl’ robot campaign for 02 was always the favourite: it’s handled 02 for years and its work has been determinedly consistent. Bubl will, presumably, get another lease of life.

A&E’s work for Virgin has always been accomplished, as you’d expect, but with more style than substance as VM has struggled to differentiate itself from the competition. VM has also been bedevilled by poor customer service.

So no surprise really – VCCP are the current pitch wizards anyway – but concerning for A&E which seems to have lost its magic touch in pitches. A&E also stands to lose another biggie if new National Lottery winner Allwyn opts for a new agency.

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