Renault dares to discourage owners from driving its cars

This is a bold move from Renault and agency Publicis – an ad that advocates walking and cycling over driving.

It shows the comings and goings of three different families as they bypass their shiny new Renault hybrids in favour of greener modes of transport. The endline is, “Even if it’s a hybrid, it’s good not to use it all the time.”

Arnaud Belloni, Renault’s global chief marketing officer, said: For Renault Captur E-Tech hybrid’s new advertising film I wanted a bold approach, in line with times. For the first time, we are proactively suggesting to our customers not to use their car all the time, an unprecedented choice in the automotive industry.”

Subtly done and still feels very much like a Renault ad.

MAA creative scale: 7


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