Lucky Generals debuts for Carwow

Another ad with heavy coverage on TV in the UK is Lucky Generals’ debut for Carwow, yet another of the services aiming to take the pain out of selling your old motor – this time with the proposition that a giant airbag opens wherever you are when they send you the price. (it doesn’t really.)

Well at least it isn’t Philip Schofield.

Carwow COO John Veichmanis says: “We’re really excited about both the new ‘Sell your car’ product and the ‘Moments of WOW’ campaign. Lucky General’s bold and creative attitude is reflected in the campaign and it captures exactly how we want people using our site to feel.”

Lucky Generals is best known for its series of classy ads for Amazon but you don’t always get those opportunities. This is notable, short and snappy and doesn’t drive you bonkers when it appears a lot.

Tabloid advertising you might say but that’s a skill too.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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