CoorDown tackles “thorny issue” of Down Syndrome sexuality

It’s World Down Syndrome Day (it’s always one day or another but this seems more worthwhile) and charity CoorDown is marking it with a campaign from New York agency SMALL to promote the right of people with Down Syndrome to “experience romantic and sexual relationships and receive correct and accessible information to enjoy a full and healthy sexual freedom.” In association with Control.

Antonella Falugiani, president of CoorDown ODV says: Undoubtedly sexuality is a thorny issue, shrouded in taboos that have deep cultural roots, but it is also a topic that we, as representatives of people with Down syndrome, wanted to address because it is not only the recognition of a right, but also the recognition of a need. There are several barriers, which may be more or less manifest, that hinder the sexual and emotional development of people with intellectual disabilities, and thus limit their psychophysical wellbeing, and it is now high time we try and tear them down.

“People with Down Syndrome are neither “asexual angels”, nor are they “demons” who cannot control their urges. By staging an ironic paradox, the movie “Just The Two of Us” will allow us to start the ball rolling and address a very delicate topic, to then outline a constructive guided pathway to sexuality that can give young adults with Down syndrome adequate tools and help both families, carers and support workers.”

MAA creative scale: 7.

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