Asda welcomes Easter with a magic egg hunt – now there’s a turn up

You can tell Easter is on its way in the UK as the weather’s turning cold.

And to add to the fun the big supermarkets are doing their bit, in this case Asda displaying its ‘Easterlicious’ foods via an Easter egg hunt complete with fairy tale Easter bunny. From Havas.

Stephi Brett-Lee, senior director Asda Brand, says: “We want to help our customers enjoy a flavour filled bank holiday weekend this year, and our campaign showcases that Asda has something to help make every Easter celebration magical. We have everything from delicious treats such as our hot cross bun selection and Extra Special chocolate eggs, to the traditional Easter roast offering, all at great Asda prices.”

Havas London CCO Vicki Maguire says: “Easter wouldn’t be Easter without an egg hunt, and this year we’ve given ours an upgrade with this fairy tale hop around the Easter Bunny’s cottage. We wanted to capture the inherent sense of excitement and discovery Easter holds for kids, bringing it to life through Asda’s range of incredibly fun Easter products..and a little sprinkling of magic.”

Well yes, it’s perky and chirpy enough and so are most of the other supermarket ads. But isn’t it one of advertising’s jobs to differentiate yourself from the competition? Tesco does with its Clubcard drive (at the risk of annoying people who don’t have one), Sainsbury’s does its best by painting everything bright orange.

Couldn’t they try a little harder? With some imagination, for example?

MAA creative scale: 4.

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