Much-mocked Abrdn hits a winner with Iris

Few corporate makeovers have received as much stick (even here, one seems to recall) as Aberdeen Asset Management’s morph into Abrdn.

But the financial giant is sticking to its guns with brand chief Stephen Whitehead, who’s also spirited up the tagline “investment as a force for good.” Which won’t get universal approbation.

Whitehead says: “It (will) help elevate the conversation to new and existing audiences, from being perceived as greedy, self-interested and only about personal, capital growth, to being a positive power.”

You may as well stick to your guns and agency Iris has produced a rather winning old-style corporate ad which, unusually, seeks to demonstrate how the investment mavens at Aberdeen actually try to improve things.

Compared to the fluffy guff UK banks routinely churn out, it’s a breath of fresh air.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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