Budweiser aims to get America back on its feet again in Super Bowl epic

The Super Bowl os pretty well sold out – at $7m a 30-second pop – with lots of new advertisers this year, “health and wellness” being a big category.

Ironic really when tens of millions will be wqtching it for hours, munching Doritos and swigging Budweiser (among others.)

Budweiser is back big time after missing last year and this time it’s VaynerMedia on the case, with the trusty (in this case somewhat damaged) Clydesdale and its labrador pal.

“In the home of the brave down never means out” says Budweiser, which it hopes is a message for a pretty damaged country (Covid obviously, politics maybe..) But will our Clydesdale get up again?

Budweiser marketing VP Daniel Blake days: “Budweiser has a history of supporting the country through difficult times and reminding communities across America that better days are ahead. With this Super Bowl spot, our goal was to highlight the perseverance and determination of the country and depict that by coming together, we can grow and move forward stronger than before.”

Director Chloé Zhao says: “We all fall down in life and the journey to healing is often painful, long and solitary. To tell a story of perseverance, hope and friendship through the lens of the beloved Clydesdales really resonated with me.”

Zhao and VaynerMedia have done a pretty good job with this recurring piece of Americana (apparently there have been Clydesdales on the Budweiser case since 1933, not on TV obviously.)

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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