Pepsi lines up Super Bowl Half Time rapper royalty – fingers crossed over the weather

Super Bowl LV1 in a couple of weeks will be the highest=grossing yet and long-time halftime sponsor Pepsi is pulling out all the stops with a stellar line-up of rappers headed by the ever-reliable Snoop Dogg (not something that you always say about rappers.)

By Radical Media, with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

Pretty good, given that they all need their moment in the sun. Actually sun will be in short supply in Indiana on February 13, maybe that’s why Jay-Z isn’t performing, wisely wrapping up warm somewhere.

Super Bowl weather is a regular issue. Here’s maybe the most famous Half Time Show with Prince and his dancers somehow navigating a storm back in 2007. One of the producers said that when he opened his curtains that day it was like a scene from Moby Dick.

And that was in Miami. Wonder what global warming (maybe that should be global storming) has in store this year.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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