Uncommon attempts to redefine the ‘lad’ in LADbible

In a bold effort to change the narrative, Uncommon is hoping to redefine the meaning of “lad” by showing a series of everyday heroes — and even heroines — in a new campaign for LADbible.

Patrick Hutchinson, who carried an injured counter-protestor to safety at a Black Lives Matter rally; and Patrick Boyle, who became a hero of the Autralian bushfires after he risked his life to save koalas, both feature in the campaign.

The women include skateboarder Sky Brown and physiotherapist Rachael Bailey. All of them have their full stories told, thanks to some long copy print work.

Nine year old LADbible claims to be the number one publisher of video content on Facebook and TikTok, and also says that its audience is 50% female.

Good effort but it might be easier to change the name than move the goalposts.

MAA creative scale: 6

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