Sorensen adoption epic shows Ad Council at its best

The tear ducts can be over-used at this time of year as we wade through what we might call the post-Covid “reconnecting Christmas.”

Stand by for the latest from the US Ad Council and the various bodies supporting a long-running adoption campaign. More than 900,000 children and young people have been adopted from the US foster care system.

A pro bono effort from agency Barbarian, directed by Denmark’s Sune Sorensen.

Director Sorensen says: “There’s such a delicate balance to authentic portrayals of something as complex and intricate as parent-teen relationships – only, with teen adoption and films inspired by true stories, there is so much more at stake. It demands a great deal from our actors and the way we tell the stories, to not appear overly sugar coated – without, of course, eliciting the opposite response as well.”

Don’t think he needs to worry.

MAA creative scale: 8.

PS Why doesn’t the UK have a pro bono Ad Council?

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