MAA blast from the past: The Appliance of Science

It isn’t just adland that’s transfixed by science these days, the pandemic has brought the men (and women) in white coats to all of us, even to the point of the UK government trumpeting “the science” at every opportunity, even though science changes more rapidly than a lizard sheds its skin.

40 years ago Zanussi enlisted the aforementioned men in white coats (including the great Gorden Kay of ‘Allo ‘Allo) to demonstrate its ‘Appliance of Science.’ By GGT I think although there’s also a credit floating around of Google for Publicis. Has to be Dave Trott, hasn’t it?

Back then scientists were thought pretty weird, now they’d be geeks – which is different entirely. you’ll have to to watch it on YouTube for some reason (maybe it’s so famous people keep nicking it.)

These days the ASA would probably investigate as someone would complain that fridges don’t come by flying saucer.

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