Co-op goes live for Christmas – in a community fridge

The Co-op and agency Lucky Generals are eschewing Santa and all his works this year for a tie-up with ITV featuring the Feltham Community Fridge, a place in London where locals can donate and take away food items.

With Dermot O’Leary and some local chefs. On transmission it was the first live ad from a UK grocer – love to know how many takes it took. But O’Leary and the staff and helpers from the kitchen rise to the occasion.

Years back, in the days when every advertiser and agency was trying to out-Hollywood each other at Christmas, Waitrose, via BBH, zagged with a charity appeal. That didn’t work so well.

This makes a rather pleasant change though – and a well-exeuted one at that.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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