BA media takes off from WPP to Omnicom

Omnicom Media Group has won British Airways media from WPP in a last round pitch against Havas.

WPP, which yesterday won most of Coca-cola’s massive creative and media review, also lost BA creative and customer experience (CX) to Uncommon Creative Studio.

It’s rather like whack-a-mole with these reviews, one day you’re on top of the world, next day there’s a nasty reminder about restless clients.

OMG is on a good run, recently winning Chanel (also from WPP) and Mercedes. Havas, frustratingly, keeps making it to the last round.

BA brand director Tom Stevens says: “Throughout the pitch, we were impressed with Omnicom’s industry leading strategic and technological capabilities, digital first approach and strong focus on effectiveness.

“We look forward to working with Omnicom’s highly talented teams globally as we emerge from the pandemic and look ahead to our future. I’d like to thank WPP for the successful partnership over the last few years as we transition to the new operating model.”

All these advertisers are promising new operating models, or something like it, as they switch horses. Media reviews are often decided primarily on price, the promise of “new” models may just indicate a further move to digital first.

In which case the creative task facing Uncommon at BA and WPP at Coca-Cola won’t get any easier. digital, in particular “earned” (ie free media exposure from sharing) may be top of their agenda but most people, including the fabled chairman’s wife, mostly remember the paid-for ads.

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