Lovima takes to the airwaves to herald overdue women’s lib

It’s 60 years since the female contraceptive pill made its debut in the UK and it’s taken all those 60 years to be made available to women without a prescription, which sounds rather tardy (you still need to see a pharmacist.)

Maxwellia’s Lovima is one of the first and it’s being introduced by a pleasingly down to earth film from studio Ourselves, highlighting its role on women’s liberation.

Maxwellia founder and CEO Anna Maxwell says: “Finally, sixty years on from the launch of the pill, women are able to buy this oral contraception direct from their local pharmacies without a prescription, a doctor’s appointment or hours spent in a waiting room. By putting women in control of their bodies and their lives, Maxwellia and our new brand Lovima® is at the vanguard of this long-awaited revolution in women’s healthcare.”

About time too.

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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