Joint makes its point for Kettle Chips

Someone revealing hidden depths in a 30-second stroll around a supermarket almost certainly ain’t new but London agency Joint manages to breathe some new life into the formula (as is its wont) in a new brand campaign for snack Kettle Chips.

There’s a simple point too: get people to experiment a bit and try the fancy ones.

Claire Hooper, head of brands at Kettle owner Valeo Snackfoods, says: “We’re thrilled to be kicking off a new long-term direction for the brand. We’re loosening our tie to attract a new audience and get them excited by our products. The new positioning works really hard for us and will enable us to really shout about big innovations we have planned for the future.”

Joint appears to understand advertising, which is more than you can say of some of its larger peers.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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