Does VML’s “social experiment” for Intel prove anything?

Are people who obsess about computers total idiots? This is the overriding impression from Intel’s new “social experiment,” corralling a dozen Mac users who go: “Gosh, wow, that’s awesome” when they’re told PCs can do everything a Mac can and more.

‘Breaking the spell’ from VMLY&R HQ is part of Intel’s kickback against Apple which has dumped its processors in favour of its own. It tried this first with an inversion of the famous ‘I’m a Mac’ campaign from TBWA all those years ago.

Tricky one this only in that the agency must have realised it was naff as hell but thought (doubtless after endless data-mining) that a new take on the bad old informercial would work.

Wrong. Wonder what new WPP creative supremo Rob Reilly makes of it?

MAA creative scale: 2.

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