Camden Brewery goes back to the present with Marmite

Marmite has become something of a fetish in the UK and now Camden Town Brewery, part of the mighty AB InBev empire, has repurposed an old Marmite ad -‘Marmite Kiss’ – for its new Camden Marmite Ale.

Snogging loses its appeal for some some if the sticky condiment has been on the scene. From Draftline, AB inBev’s in-house agency with production studio Mindseye.

Here’s the original.

Good idea, nicely done (ethnicity ticked too.) Suppose as it was in-house there wasn’t a client to say “but it will put people off.”

MAA creative scale: 8.

PS Haven’t actually tried it. Maybe they should send some to beer expert George Parker in Boise, Idaho.

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