Instagram puts on its best face in new global campaign

When they tot up the numbers at the end of the year we might see Facebook up there with Amazon as one of the biggest advertisers. The perennially under-fire platform has discovered the joys of ads big time, through its in-house agency Creative X (not Team X, that’s Omnicom for Mercedes.).

Instagram is a big part of the Facebook stable and it’s running a global campaign (this one seems made for the UK) via Johannes Leonardo telling young people the platform is “Yours to make” and “Let’s see who you can be.”

A millionaire influencer called Poppy (most seem to be) or someone whose mental health is scrambled by the images of perfection on Instagram?

Instagram marketing V-P Melissa Waters says: “More than any generation before them, young adults today are seeking to discover who they can be. ‘Yours to make’ is all about centring on the beauty of that process, self-discovery and how through exploration and creative expression, we all can become more in tune with who we really are.”

Is there are a difference between who we are and who we really are? Lots of advertisers would like to convince us that there is.

This is advertising as PR really. Not convinced.

MAA creative scale: 3.

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