Beyoncé and Jay Z put a ring on it for Tiffany’s new campaign

In true Breakfast at Tiffany’s style, Beyoncé is singing “Moon River” and wearing a Givenchy gown in this new ad, which rather fabulously pays homage to the jeweller’s pivotal place in American culture, while bringing the brand bang up to date.

The size of the rocks on display is eye-watering, while the fur coat and private jet might be a bit too much, but the overall effect is stunning. Beyoncé’s husband Jay Z is in there too, of course, to complete the picture of a modern love story.

As recently as this summer, “Not your mother’s Tiffany’s” was deemed a big flop for the jeweller. It attempted to introduce some edge, but failed to do that and only succeeded in offending the older customers who are probably the biggest spenders.

Tiffany’s has turned it around very quickly with this ad, which has something for everyone.

MAA creative scale: 7.5

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