Zac Efron and Jessica Alba star in Mother’s first ad for Dubai Tourism, a big budget thriller

Mother quietly won Dubai Tourism earlier in the year, and has spent the time since making a noisy, big budget, high-octane spy action thriller-style ad campaign starring Zac Efron and Jessica Alba.

The two Hollywood a listers are directed by Craig Gillespie (who also took the helm for Cruella and I Tonya) in a series of six films, to be released over the next few weeks, that take in most of the city’s landmarks along the way.

Gillespie said: “Capturing this all in five days was a logistical challenge, similar to what it must feel like to be in an organised whirlwind. Thankfully, Dubai’s blessed with a litany of great locations to use as a backdrop, together with our leading actors; it made a shoot I’m unlikely to forget in a while.”

Chris Gallery, a partner at Mother, said: “Dubai is a destination like no other. Our challenge was to create a campaign which allowed every aspect of it to shine. There isn’t a single piece of content able to convey everything that Dubai has to offer; our solution, the Dubai Presents platform, is hard-wired to be flexible in showcasing Dubai as the ultimate destination.”

Dubai has just been moved from the government’s red travel list to amber, so the launch of this campaign is good timing, for tourists who can afford a trip to the luxury destination. Good to see Mother having fun with the big budget.

MAA creative scale: 7

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