Vegan brand LikeMeat invites everyone to the BBQ in new campaign by 72andSunny Amsterdam

LikeMeat does a good job here, courtesy of 72andSunny Amsterdam, of making BBQ vegan sausages and nuggets look appetising. Even better, they do it without judging meat eaters or taking a “holier-than-thou” approach – and they keep it to a series of short, snappy, 15-second films.

Mick van Ettinger, CMO of Livekindly Collective, said: “With all brands of our Collective, it’s about the joy of healthier food, the joy of helping the planet and the joy of being good to animals. BBQ season has been synonymous with a meat feast, thus far. We want to change that without stripping it of the fun, by proving that you can add delicious plant-based options to your BBQ while eating and living joyfully.”

Gregg Clampffer, creative director, 72andSunny Amsterdam, said: ““As BBQ lovers ourselves, we tried to create these little scenes that are driven not by a moral high ground, but ultimately by the deliciousness of the products. You don’t have to be a vegan to love something that tastes LikeMeat. And taste is a conversation worth trying. With this campaign we tried to invite everyone to the party.”

MAA creative scale: 7

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