S4 Capital’s MediaMonks becomes all-powerful..Media.Monks

Wot’s in a dot? Quite a lot according to S4 Capital which has unveiled its “unitary brand” for its operations (above), that is, MediaMonks (it’s big production business) with in the middle. This signifies, If I’m reading it right, the absorption of media business MightyHive into the Media.Monks umbrella.

There’s another one with MightyHive’s supposedly iconic hexagon.

Media.Monks co-founder Wesley ter Haar says:“The single brand was not a boardroom decision. It involved input from a broad range of teams and talent, and many of our founders. For our people, this means they’re all colleagues and can build amazing careers across the globe and keep going and growing.

“For our clients, it means they keep the same team and the day-to-day they love—but now have even simpler access to an amazingly deep pool of specialist talent. Consolidation is an engine to innovate and this makes it easier to help our clients show up better for theirs.”

Reading between the lines (or dots) this might in part signify that S4 Capital isn’t as big in media as it would like to be. Rival you & Mr Jones’ new media division under former Mindshare boss Nick Emery won’t have gone unnoticed at S4 Towers.

Anyway, now they can get on with the rest of their lives.

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