Dulux takes a chance on amateur designers for the return of Changing Rooms

Iconic 90s TV series Changing Rooms is back after 17 years, promising to bring viewers the same format — and nail biting jeopardy — as the original show, in which neighbours are given free rein to make over rooms in each others’ houses.

The flamboyant Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is still around, along with some younger presenters to bring the show up to date for a new generation of DIYers. This time it’s moved from BBC to Channel 4 and Mediacom has brought Dulux on board to sponsor the show.

Dulux, is in its 90th year, will use TikTok for the first time, and has chosen Peter André and Clara Amfo to drum up enthusiasm on the platform and across other social media. There will be augmented reality ‘brand effect’ on TikTok that can virtually transform rooms at the touch of a button.

Channel 4 says that each transformation will be “spectacular, innovative and unexpected” and while Dulux is an obvious fit, it’s amazing – as we saw in the original series – the damage that can be inflicted with a can of paint.

Will rag rolling make a comeback? There were some truly painful moments in the original show. In one episode, a set of dodgy floating shelves crashed, smashing a £6000 teapot collection into pieces. In another, a neighbour thought it would be a good idea to create a room where every piece of furniture and every surface was pure white. The owner’s response was, “I hate it. Get this mic off me.”

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