Channel 4 brings back branded entertainment with Balmain

Branded entertainment comes and goes: once trumpeted as the next big thing it wasn’t, but seems durable all the same. One issue is where do ads end and branded entertainment start? Mother’s current series for Dubai with Zac Efron and Jessica Alba might be seen as both.

Balmain is partnering with Channel 4 and The Sunshine Company for ‘Fracture,’ described as a short form drama series. It kicks off on September 2, the start of London Fashion Week and is available on C4’s digital outlets.

Trailer looks interesting.

Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing says: “Fracture helps to make very clear Balmain’s determination to continue to break down boundaries and engage in unexpected, compelling and entertaining ways with lovers of fashion, music and design.”

4Studio’s creative lead Matt Ford says: “4Studio is leading the re-invention of short-form branded entertainment, supporting the delivery of Channel 4’s Future4 strategy to accelerate digital growth.”

There seems to be a new initiative from C4 almost daily. Maybe it’s that pesky Tory government trying to sell it off again.

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