Will Fortnite players buy into Carrefour’s ‘Healthy Map’?

Publicis Conseil and Carrefour have launched a “Healthy Map” on Fortnite, where players can heal themselves and gain more energy by grabbing plenty of fruit, vegetables and fish.

Carrefour sells a lot of games, apparently, and hopes that by shoehorning its health and eco agenda into Fortnite, it will strengthen its bond with the 350 million players worldwide.

The “Healthy Map” transports us to the eco-friendly Carrefour of tomorrow: a supermarket with an electric recharging station, trucks running on biomethane, a responsible fishing zone, fields of organic fruit and fresh vegetables, and a farm respecting animal welfare.

It’s nicely executed, but it’s quite a leap from the traditional “Battle Royale” to fighting for your five portions of fruit and veg a day.

MAA creative scale: 6

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