Gamer platform Discord makes bid for the big time with winner from AKQA

Gaming has kind of snook up on the non-gaming world (a reducing space it seems) and now group-chatting platform Discord is making its bid to create a wider general-use community. Does the world need another one? Of course, don’t be silly.

Agency AKQA invited Discord users to describe the platform in their own words with actress and rapper Awkwafina guiding an initially bemused (actually he might still be a bit bemused) Danny Devito through the platform’s wonders in ‘Discord – The Movie.’

Brilliantly done by AKQA, not just the gaming pyrotechnics but all the filming is crystal clear and to the point. Does it need nearly six minutes? Yes, probably, AKQA and its ambitious clients are usually prepared to spend as long as it takes and it shows.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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