Co-op takes recycling lead- even if it’s part of the problem

As large parts of northern Europe (Belgium, Holland, Germany) disappear under flood tides (we had them in London earlier in the week) saving the dear old planet from the (supposed) effects of climate change is on more people’s minds.

Less high profile is the relentless volume of plastic that threatens to kill the oceans but that is something we can fix ourselves. The Co-op on the UK offers a handy same day delivery service from a local store. Trouble is it comes on a bike laden with – plastic bags.

Maybe someone at the Co-op has noticed this so it’s introducing a plastic recycling service at its stores. Lucky Generals is on the case.

Nice to see a retailer doing something useful even it it’s part of the problem itself.

Typical Lucky Generals; understated maybe but it’s one of the few agencies that rarely makes you want to throw a brick at the screen.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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