BMB wins plant-based contender Fullgreen

London agency BMB has won Fullgreen, one of the new, seemingly endless wave of alternative food companies – this plant-based contender specialising in cauliflower rice.

Fullgreen was founded by Gem Misa and husband Jamie Harris, who were looking for easy ways to eat healthily. Previously known as Cauli Rice, the UK-based entrepreneurs rebranded the company as Fullgreen in 2017.

BMB’s brief is to raise awareness of its cauliflower rice as a healthy swap to regular rice by highlighting its 87% lower carb element, which makes it a diabetic, vegan, keto and paleo friendly options. An above the line campaign is scheduled for the autumn.

Founder Misa says: “We are excited to be working with BMB to raise awareness for our products which, up until now, have only grown via word of mouth. Fullgreen is the fastest growing brand in the rice category, growing 58% over the last two years versus a growth of just 3% of the entire ready-to-heat rice category. This campaign is coming at the perfect time as it should accelerate this growth even further.”

BMB CEO Jason Cobbold says: “Fullgreen taps into the evolving health movement, and represents an exciting new UK-founded sustainable brand. Gem and Jamie have developed a successful range of fuss-free, tasty foods which deserve to be enjoyed across the UK.”

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