‘Botanical Banksy’ stunt: Flower Council of Holland installs ‘flash flowers’ across London

The Flower Council of Holland’s and agency Fever Unlimited joined with New York floral artists Miller & Lycett to create pop-up floral installations at London landmarks, including Eros in Piccadilly Circus and a set of red phone boxes in Soho.

The extravagant installations also appear in unloved spots around the capital. Passers-by are encouraged to pick the flowers and create their own takeaway bouquets.

Lewis said: “This is the first time I’ve created flower flashes outside my native New York and it’s a fascinating social experiment to see how Londoners react to them. I started back in 2000 to create moments of natural beauty in unexpected parts of the city. Getting the opportunity to ‘flash’ such an iconic landmark as Eros is a career highlight.”

Jo Chappel, creative director at Fever Unlimited, said: “Lewis’s mission and work fully embody the spirit of the We Need More Flowers campaign. It was really important to stay true to the guerrilla and participatory roots of the Flashes. We didn’t want neat and tidy floral installations to be admired from a distance, we wanted the public to get stuck in.”

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