VCCP forays into summer for Cadbury ice cream

Froneri is the world’s second-biggest ice cream maker after Unilever it seems – based in hardly tropical north Yorkshire – with Nestle as an investor.

It’s the ice cream season now in the UK (if it ever stops raining here) and Froneri is plugging another famous brand, Cadbury ice cream. It’s enlisted the services of Cadbury agency VCCP.

So we have a Jamie Oliver in the making, making a right mess of the kitchen has he tries to combine Cadbury chocolate with ice cream.

VCCP has developed a nice, realistic tone for various Cadbury products over the years, neatly evading the issue that it barely counts as chocolate is these ingredient-obsessed days.

You won’t see many scripts from VCCP saying, open on a desert island. But it knows how to use thirty seconds.

Which may be one reason it’s so popular with clients.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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