Periods as you’ve never seen them before: Mother’s ode to the monthly mess of menstruation

Bloody Good Period is a charity on a mission to end period shame, and this ad by Mother joyously exposes the monthly indignities and inconveniences that are all-too familiar to half the world’s population.

Ce Ce Peniston’s hit song “Finally” becomes “Typically” in this animated ode to menstruation, with the lyrics transformed to spell out the messy realities of life with a monthly bleed.

Gabby Edlin, CEO of Bloody Good Period, said: “It’s time we confined period shame to history. On Menstrual Health Day, we’re asking everyone to wake up to periods being a part of life and recognise that society needs to accept this natural biological process. By shifting attitudes and making period products accessible, we can help everyone, especially the most marginalised in our society to live life to its full potential.”

Susan Hosking, executive creative director, international at Mother, said: “Periods are a part of life for so many of us, and though we don’t always want to sing and dance about them, a promo was a brilliant medium to get us talking about them. Using positivity and entertainment is a way for us to get the conversation flowing, and hopefully help us shake off the shame and stigma so wrongly attached to them.”

Women’s health issues are becoming fertile ground for ad agencies, with AMV BBDO’s “Womb Stories” bagging three Yellow Pencils at D&AD’s first round of awards this week.

MAA creative scale: 7.5

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