Pepsi’s unapologetic take on post-lockdown life: ‘The mess we miss’ by VaynerMedia

Pre-pandemic life can look pretty yucky to us now, which means there’s something fascinatingly repulsive about the scenes in this new ad by VaynerMedia. It will take some getting used to all that sweating and shouting and singing in such close proximity all over again, and the shock value of sharing a can of Pepsi provides a good twist at the end.

Todd Kaplan, VP marketing at Pepsi, said: “Looking back at life before the pandemic, it’s easy to feel nostalgic. Even though now those moments might look a bit messy, this familiar past also represents an optimistic future we can all hope to achieve as we look to get to the other side. We believe that a life filled with these carefree moments of unapologetic enjoyment is one we can all aspire to.”

MAA creative scale: 8

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