Ladbrokes marches to (many) different drums in Euros debut from Neverland

Betting firm Ladbrokes is going big on the Euros – well it would, wouldn’t it? – in a whopper campaign from former adam&eveDDB partner Jon Forsyth’s new agency Neverland, featuring just about every drummer on the planet. Or those who were available in May anyway.

To show its support for the battered music industry and those who work in it, Labrokes is also partnering with industry collective #WeMakeEvents to light music venues in red.

So the drummers ramp up the tension as a penalty taker prepares for his ordeal.

Dominic Grounsell, Ladbrokes and Coral’s MD of UK Sports Brands, says: “For many, this year’s European Championships will be the first live entertainment experience they enjoy together with friends, family and other fans. This groundbreaking campaign brilliantly captures the anticipation that viewers will feel during the tournament.

“We cast hundreds of skilled and experienced drummers to depict the tension that fans will feel during key moments in a match and we’re very excited about how this campaign celebrates the unparalleled joy, excitement and anticipation that only live entertainment can bring.

“That’s why Ladbrokes has committed its support to the live events industry. We’re so excited to bring a performance of The Subway’s Rock &Roll Queen, while lighting up of the UK’s iconic live performance venues in red will remind the public of the millions of skilled industry professionals behind the scenes that make live entertainment happen.”

It’s a pretty good effort for something filmed this month and should put Neverland on the map.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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