DDB unveils new brand position ‘Unexpected Works’

Omnicom’s DDB Worldwide has unveiled a new mantra – or brand platform as we call them these days – ‘Unexpected Works.’

So it’s advertising it in one of the least expected places, a billboard in Garston, New Zealnd which boasts a population of 100 and rather more sheep.

CCO Ari Weiss says: “The formula for creating breakthrough creative work that drives business results is timeless. It’s how we bring that formula to life that changes on a daily basis. We’re not reinventing the wheel here. We’re simply putting more focused language around a truth that anyone who has ever worked at DDB can feel in their bones: Unexpected Works.”

CSO Alex Hesz says: “We are in the business of creating growth – delivering work that unambiguously helps our clients to achieve their business goals. Creativity is a means to that end, just as it has always been. At DDB, we believe truly creative ideas are inherently unexpected; they’re the ideas you never saw coming, the insights that truly surprise you, the approaches that go counter to the category.

“We call that the ‘Unexpected’, and it’s what we strive for on every brief, every client, because we know that’s the work that truly works for our clients.”

Not much to disagree with there. Agency repositionings can be spectacularly silly (often because they start from a daft place anyway.)

Nifty bit of media buying too.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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