Lady Gaga tries Dom Perignon rosé – but don’t show the kids

LVMH is plugging its 2006 vintage Dom Perignon rosé champagne and has turned, once again, to Lady Gaga – as you do with something that costs £270 a bottle. “Creative freedom is power” it tells us, in case we’d forgotten this profound truth.

Bizarrely, if you try to watch it on YouTube, you have to put in your card details or other identification, like a driving licence. But if you take the latter option it can take up to three days to be approved. To watch an ad? Have they completely lost their marbles?

Whatever, you’re led to expect something enticingly decadent.

Well it’s pretty enough and nicely shot by Nick Knight (not the Sky cricket host, at least I don’t think so) but hardly anything to frighten the horses – or children. Or does YouTube think today’s Crazy Rich kids will be swigging Dom Perignon at £270 a bottle?

These social media gatekeepers do flummox you from time to time.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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