Sting hymns Down syndrome employees in ‘The Hiring Chain’

There’s a something or other day about every day of the year now – which helps to keep the somewhat creaky edifice of advertising, not to mention PR, afloat – but World Down Syndrome Day on March 21 is a better cause than most.

Charity CoorDown has teamed with veteran troubadour Sting, New York agency Small and Indiana Production for ‘The hiring chain,’ a musical exhortation to take on more Down Syndrome employees. The original song was composed by Stabbiolo Music.

Small ECDs Luca Lorenzini and Luca Pannese say: “We grew up listening to Sting and The Police, and we’ll just let you imagine the excitement we felt when we heard his voice performing the song we wrote for CoorDown for the first time. We really hope that his contribution can make the campaign more visible and can help give more and more job opportunities to people with Down Syndrome.”

Shows what some imagination can bring to charity ads.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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