Lincoln Project declares war on Rupert Murdoch, ‘the most dangerous man ever to cross our border’

Now that Donald Trump is out of office, campaigning organisation The Lincoln Project has turned its sights on Rupert Murdoch, who they say has “built his empire out of fear and lies,” “brainwashed millions” and is “the most dangerous man ever to cross our border.”

Lincoln Project co-founder Galen Reed said, “Rupert Murdoch is a fundamental danger to American democracy. He’s made billions of dollars misleading Americans with fear, lies, and un-American propaganda. The continuous disinformation campaign he runs through his media empire has resulted in fundamental damage to American democracy. He’s chosen power and greed over the fundamentals of America.”

The Lincoln Project is aiming its ire at Fox News, and we have our own British version to look forward to when Murdoch’s new right-wing channel, News UK, goes on air later this year — although Ofcom impartiality rules should reign it in a bit.

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