Libresse tackles the ‘gender pain gap’ in new work from AMV

Famous for introducing actual red blood into period ads and celebrating Vulvas, Libresse is now tackling another taboo around women’s experiences: the pain that many endure throughout much of their lives.

With agency AMV BBDO, Libresse has launched a virtual Pain Museum and Pain Dictionary as part of a campaign to drive home the message that endometriosis – and regular periods – can cause crippling pain for many women.

Tanja Grubner, FemCare global marketing and communications director at Essity, said: “Women have been putting up with excruciating pain for years. Due to outdated taboos, women’s pain is systematically overlooked, ignored and misdiagnosed. By inviting women to share their #painstories we hope to overcome the culture of silence that holds women back – in this case, from proper diagnosis and treatment.”

The Pain Dictionary is an ongoing project outlining the definitions of pain as felt by women suffering with endometriosis. The Pain Museum includes visual depictions of raw pain as another way to declare that suffering is not to be shrugged off as “normal.” Artwork for both is by Ketchum.

Like the other Libresse ads, this has impact and relevance. Where will they go next?

MAA creative scale: 8

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